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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

Matthew Mondor wrote:
On Thu, 5 Jul 2012 11:16:10 -0500
David Young<>  wrote:

Name changes need to be observable by user programs.  The userland needs
to be able to identify the interface whose name used to be wm0 with its
new name, lan0.

I've not checked the renaming code closely enough, but does an
interface rename cause it to appear to detach, then reattach?  This
might solve some of the issues.

I myself have the impression that it'd be less risky, and much simpler,
to have a means to supply a custom suffix at device open (or create
ioctl, more realistically) time, which would be appended, i.e.
tap-<suffix>[-0] the number there could always be 0 as needed for code
expecting a number...  Or to use userspace solutions.

I have no objections to more complex solutions if they're free of new
problems (and am no expert on device/interface matters), but their
complexity appears to increase drastically, especially if a potential
pullup to netbsd-6 is envisaged...

I don't think we should backport what ends coming up of this. The solution is far too complex to rush it on the netbsd-6 branch.

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