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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

On Jul 5,  9:37am, (Roger Pau Monne) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

| Sorry, I've replied to this thread using my cell phone once, and it 
| seems the messages didn't get to the list because they where in HTML.

Ah, no problem.

| I didn't intend to solve the Qemu issue using this patch, since this 
| feature will not be present in NetBSD 6, and I aim for new Qemu present 
| in Xen unstable (4.2) to work with NetBSD 6.
| I haven't tried yet, but I assume passing the fd to Qemu will work, and 
| I plan on using that to fix the Qemu problem. Anyway I had this half 
| done, because I think it's an interesting feature, not only as a fix to 
| the Qemu issue.

Yes, but it is a solution looking for a problem. Until we actually have
a use that makes this feature necessary, we should not add it just to avoid
creeping featurism and complexity.

| For example being able to name Xen virtual interfaces in 
| the Dom0 with a user defined name (both tap and vif), but I'm sure other 
| users will come up with other uses.

Yes, that's nice, but purely cosmetic.


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