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Re: Thinking about "branes" for netbsd...

On 4 May, 2012, at 07:46 , Darren Reed wrote:
> Further, if bridge(4) was to support TRILL then it may not make sense
> to use VLANs.

How does TRILL help?  As I understand it, TRILL is an effort to replace
spanning tree routing with a real link-state routing protocol so you can
use all the links you have configured between switches to carry traffic,
rather than turning off links until there's only one way to reach any
destination a la spanning tree.

Whether spanning tree or IS-IS is used to route a bridged ethernet doesn't
seem to have much effect on what VLANs do, though (I'll also admit I don't
understand how the use of VLANs would eliminate bridge(4) in any case).  Is
there something else that TRILL changes?

Dennis Ferguson

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