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RE: OSI TP4 stack on netbsd

Hi, thanks everyone for your answers.

I saw that test but the problem is I need a TP4 transport socket, implemented 
with SOCK_SEQPACKET and not network CLNP datagram.

Finally I could communicate my client-server program with transport tp4 sockets 
in a one machine environment. I was simply missing to add the iso protocol to 
the loopback interface (lo0) besides the real network interface (tlp0).

However, after 2 days testing and changing parameters, I see throughput in a 
single machine is very poor. I tcpdumped packets and saw there were frequent 
retransmissions at the TP level and sometimes everything seemed to stuck for 
seconds without sending any packets. Ktruss shows the select/poll/recvfrom 
facilities do not work well with these sockets and it seems related to netiso 
kernel issues...

The same program between to twin machines does not work, clnp discards the 
first ACK data message after connection is done, although it is the same as in 
the one-machine case.

So the conclusion is this was already old when it was implemented in bsd 4.4.

Thanks again, I will try other options for tp4/clnp.

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On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 04:11:33PM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Marcos Pindado Sebastian  <> wrote:
> >Hello, I would like to know if osi stack is still supported on 
> >NetBSD, particularly TP4 transport services.
> >In the archive list along the years it seems several people tried to 
> >make this work but don't seem to get it.

> This has not been tested for many years so it is likely to be broken.
> I you can test/fix it yourself, please do so and submit patches. (...)

My old SOCK_DGRAM test is at 

I didn't try it for a while, though, but it might be useful to see if it's the 
network or the transport layer you have problems with...

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