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Re: dhcpcd, carrier and RTM_INFO

> An interface that is administratively down (no IFF_UP flag) means
> that the operator/etc. has asked that it not do anything, so if you
> find no IFF_UP but positive carrier status that sounds like a bug (in
> the driver).

Then I suspect we have lots of buggy Ethernet drivers.  Certainly my
experience and expectation is that the driver's reporting of media
sense (link, speed, duplex, etc) is orthogonal to IFF_UP (though some
interfaces have to be brought up at least once for media sensing to
work, even if they're later brought down again).  I also think that's
the most useful way, too, in that it makes available information which
is not available under the scheme you outline.

> But maybe I'm confused and down interfaces report carrier but do
> nothing else.

Yeah, that.

> Still, without IFF_UP I would ignore the interface.

Agreed, no question there.

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