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dhcpcd, carrier and RTM_INFO

Hi List

The recent dhcpcd in -current has "better" carrier handling. Essentially it obeys each RTM_INFO message and respects the interface flags given. The reasoning for this is because when the OS wakes a sleep state it flags the interface as down and then up immediately if it has a valid link. The new dhcpcd behaviour sees this and now works correctly by re-negotiating it's lease.

However, some drivers are not setting IFF_RUNNING in ifm_flags which causes dhcpcd to think the carrier is actually down when it's actually up. The old behaviour was to check the interface flags in a subsequent SIOCGIFFLAGS call, which breaks the wake up case described above.

So my question is this - is the lack of IFF_RUNNING a driver bug or expected behaviour and I would re-work dhcpcd for this?



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