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Re: NetBSD and USB 3G/4G dongles

On 24/08/2011 8:48 PM, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 02:20:48PM +0100, Darren Reed wrote:
>> On 24/08/2011 9:31 AM, Iain Hibbert wrote:
> [..]
>>> sounds like you need to add the product/vendor IDs to the u3g_dev table in
>>> u3g.c -- if it works then you can proceed to pppd on the tty it attaches.
>> At first NetBSD/23.8.2011 would only probe it with this message:
>> u3ginit0 at uhub3 port 1: Switching to 3G mode
>> u3ginit0: detached
>> u3ginit0: at uhub3 port 1 (addr 3) disconnected
>> After adding a line to u3g.c:
>> static const struct usb_devno u3g_devs[] = {
>>         /* OEM: Huawei */
>>         { USB_VENDOR_HUAWEI, 0x1406 },
>> ... the phone is an E1750, product code 0x1406. I tried to add
>> the new product to usbdevs but even after running make as suggested
>> to rebuild the .h/.c files, the symbol gave me an error, so I stuck
>> with the number instead. It should be USB_PRODUCT_HUAWEI_1750 and
>> not 0x1406. Anyway, after that, I booted up and got:
> If you do a cvs update in src/sys/dev/usb you should get all the changes
> which you need so it attaches. I bought the same device 10 days ago
> and made the changes then but had no real chance to test it other then
> setting the pin and so some basic tests.

I've got a feeling that there's a need for some tweaking.

Quite a few times the modem would "CONNECT" but then pppd would say
that the modem had told it to hangup and terminated the call. It felt
like there was a race condition or two in timers.

I'm not sure if I'll persist with it for a whole lot longer - when I
did get it connected, the only O2 IP# that I could reach was the DNS
server and the DNS server was returning its own IP# for _every_ query
sent to it :-/

I don't know if further authentication is/was required, but this device
is just a hand-me-down to try out and has limited support...


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