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route6d is in /usr/sbin, doesn't start on boot

I have been finding that route6d does not start on boot (with
route6d=YES in rc.conf).

After much consternation, I found that the problem is that route6d is in
/usr/sbin, but only expresses a dependency on mountcritlocal, and thus
/usr is not necessarily mounted yet, (with default values).

With the following patch, route6d starts on boot:

--- /usr/netbsd-etc/etc/rc.d/route6d    2007-07-09 14:33:22.000000000 -0400
+++ route6d     2011-08-11 11:05:06.000000000 -0400
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 # PROVIDE: route6d
-# REQUIRE: network mountcritlocal
+# REQUIRE: network mountcritlocal mountcritremote
 $_rc_subr_loaded . /etc/rc.subr


  should I commit this (I think so, because it fixes the immediate

  Why is route6d in /usr/sbin while routed is in /sbin?  It seems that
  needing routing to mount /usr is sufficiently fraught with perils that
  it doesn't make sense.  So I'd say they both belong in /usr/sbin, but
  I don't think it's worth the churn.   So I am in favor of letting this

  Or, is this whole critical_filesystems_{local,remote} bit no longer
  sensible?  Here, I am agnostic, and wouldn't mind this being cleaned
  up, but I don't see the route6d problem as a reason to get into that.

Given all that, unless I hear objections, I'm going to apply the above

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