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Re: error from ntpd upon IPv6 address receipt/bind

  Many months ago (last email I got was May 26, but I'm not on tech-net, so I 
don't know if I missed more things there), I brought up the issue that on my 
-current machine, when the IPv6 rtadv was received, and an IPv6 address was 
configured, ntpd produced the following syslog messages:

Nov  5 22:31:54 skaro ntpd[435]: bind(29) AF_INET6 
2001:5c0:1101:420:20f:1fff:fe6e:5794#123 flags 0x11 failed: Can't assign 
requested address
Nov  5 22:31:54 skaro ntpd[435]: unable to create socket on bge0 (8) for 

  This was found to be a complicated issue, but it seems it was never resolved. 
 Was there ever any agreement as to how it *should* be handled, and is there 
any reason it has stalled?

  Thank you.  Please update me, and let me know if there's anything that 
can/should be done from my end to help things along.

                              - Chris

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