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Re: error from ntpd upon IPv6 address receipt/bind

On 26 May 2010, at 11:57 , Greg Troxel wrote:
> So if tentative addresses can't be used as a source address, I think
> it's best for the routing socket not to report with with RTM_NEWADDR.

For what it is worth I agree with this.  In fact it would be better
if it didn't add useless addresses to the interface configuration at
all, and just kept them to itself until they became useful, but I guess
simulating that by not sending the routing socket message add message
until they're useful is a practical compromise.

To go off topic, however, what would be even better is if the control
information received with recvmsg() and given to sendmsg() were
enhanced to the point where UDP daemons like ntpd and named didn't
have to open multiple sockets just to determine the destination address
of incoming packets and to specify the source address of outgoing packets,
and instead could just live with a single default socket.  If you try
to run ntpd on a router with a large interface configuration you'll get
to see how silly the current state is.

Dennis Ferguson

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