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Re: 16 year old bug

der Mouse wrote:
I believe that non-contiguous netmasks actually are illegal nowadays.


RFC 4632 (CIDR Address Strategy), section 5.1:

"  An implementation following these rules should also be generalized,
   so that an arbitrary network number and mask are accepted for all
   routing destinations.  The only outstanding constraint is that the
   mask must be left contiguous."

I haven't bothered checking RFC 1519, but I would expect the same thing being said there. RFC 4632 obsoletes RFC 1519, so RFC 1519 is only of historical interest today anyway.

They became illegal when CIDR was implemented.

Implemented?  I doubt it.  Standardized, at most.  But even then, it
would take years to eliminate everything that supports them - indeed, I
just now tried it and find that NetBSD 4.0.1 appears to support them.

Implemented was the wrong word. Deployed is probably more correct.


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