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Re: 16 year old bug

der Mouse wrote:
and most modern network hardware will turn their nose up at them

IMO anything that pretends to implement IPv4 but which doesn't do
noncontiguous netasks is simply broken, I don't care whether it comes
from Cisco or Netgear or NetBSD.

Not, I suppose, that anyone necessarily cares what I consider broken.

Slow-path them.  Require a sysctl switch (the way we do for source
routes).  Fine.  But outright desupport them?  I'd call that a bug,
even if it is done deliberately.

I believe that non-contiguous netmasks actually are illegal nowadays. They became illegal when CIDR was implemented.

That said, it might be worth having a way to enable the legacy view of network address classes and netmasks, if someone wants to...?


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