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Fast Forwarding

Hi everyone, could anybody explain me the relationship between fast
forwarding and classic forwarding ?
It seems (on a basis of sys/netinet/files.netinet), that both INET and
GATEWAY options does enable
FF. Somewhere in the net Ive found suggestion, that setting (using
sysctl) net.inet.ip.maxflows to anything
above zero, enables it as well. My questions are:

1. How do you *REALLY* enable FF ?
2. Once its enabled -- what happens to classic forwarding ? Its being
turned off in favour of FF ?

I'll be very grateful for any feedback, since im a bit lost in that
topic. I know, that in FreeBSD, you just
have an option of setting net.netinet.ip.fastforward (or similar).
Here (at least not in v. 4.0) I cant see
anything like that, so once again I ask for your help.


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