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Re: Another update for axe(4)

On Tue, 15 Jun 2010, FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:


thank you for your work!

No problem - I needed to do it anyway because I needed to make my AX88772 device work! Thanks for your work on the mii stuff - we should be able to get that working fairly soon.

- in axe_init(), no need to set AXE_RXCMD_PROMISC and

Is the following correct?

/* If we want promiscuous mode, set the allframes bit. */
if (ifp->if_flags & (IFF_PROMISC | IFF_BROADCAST))

sorry, AXE_RXCMD_PROMISC is handled in axe_setmulti(), and AXE_RXCMD_BROADCAST is handled few lines above in axe_init().

OK, so the following portion of axe_setmulti() is correct?

        /* If we want promiscuous mode, set the allframes bit */
        if (ifp->if_flags & IFF_PROMISC) {
                rxmode |= AXE_RXCMD_PROMISC;
                goto allmulti;

- in axe_ioctl(), call ifioctl_common() at first in SIOCSIFFLAGS case.

Do you mean to call ether_ioctl()? Is the following correct?

see if_aue.c:aue_ioctl:SIOCSIFFLAGS for example.

Ah, OK, got it!

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