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netbsd 5.1_rc3 ipf and bad header checksums

On NetBSD 5.x ipf seems to be producing IP packets with bad header 
checksums for ICMP packets larger than 180 bytes in size.

The attached tcpdump pcap file shows 12 icmp port unreachable packets, 
and the outgoing packets that caused them, captured on the internal 
interface of a 5.1_RC3 box running ipf.

The first 4 are length 180 and pass through OK.
The second 4 are length 181 and have incorrect ip header checksums.
The last 4 are length 181 but ipf is disabled and they pass through 

For this test the ipf ruleset was just:
pass in all
pass out all

Any immediate ideas or should I file a PR?


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