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Odd behavior

Hmmm, while testing my pending changes to the axe(4) driver, I saw some strange behavior...

When I insert the device, I get all the proper usb attachments, and the interface is created.

However, when I use ifconfig to give the interface an IPv4 address, it creates the subnet route in the routing table, but does NOT create the local route! I am therefore unable to communicate with other devices on the network, since no incoming packets get received.

If I then ping my own address on this device, the local address suddenly appears in the routing table, and then everything else just works as expected!

I'm pretty sure I didn't touch anything in the driver in this area, so if anyone has a clue on what I'm missing, I'd really appreciate it!

(Please cc me on replies, as I am not subscribed to tech-kern list. It isn't my normal area of expertise. I'm playing with this driver just to get my new device working!)

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