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Re: How do I keep an inet6 address from being added to an interface?

On 6 May 2010, at 07:55 , Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
> No, it is done when the interface is attached, so before any user
> intervention is possible; if I'm not mistaken. This would make the
> sysctl useless, so this would have to be a hardcoded default.

While the name of the function suggests it runs when the
interface is attached I don't think it actually works
that way.  If you boot a system without configuring the
interfaces, the interfaces are attached (obviously) but
there are no link local addresses on the interfaces.
Configuring the interface 'up' is the event which causes
the link local address to be added.

Never-the-less the flag is global, rather than per-interface,
so turning it off causes problems with interfaces where you
want the link local addresses, and it still does other ipv6
initialization work which looks suspicious to me even if it
doesn't add the addresses.  Doing it better would require
per-interface protocol enables.

Dennis Ferguson

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