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Re: How do I keep an inet6 address from being added to an interface?

Dennis Ferguson <> writes:

> I think the fundamental problem is that BSD Unix networking has never
> had a way to enable or disable protocols on an interface separate from
> the act of adding and deleting the protocol's adresses to/from the interface.

Yes, together with the v6 auto link local notion.

> For ipv6's magically added addresses there is no ipv6_enabled flag to look
> at to tell when this is or isn't appropriate (this is also a bug for ipv4,
> actually, since it forces all interfaces enabled for ipv4 to have addresses
> even though point-to-point interfaces run just fine without them).  It
> would have been better if the ipv6 code had fixed this by adding explicit
> protocol enable flags, however, rather than just forcing you to run
> the protocol on every interface on the box if you want to run it on any
> of them.

It would seem reasonable to add per-interface protocol enable flags
(defaulting on probably) that you could unset prior to ifconfig up.
(That won't fix the v4 POINTOPOINT issue, but that seems not to be a big
deal right now.)

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