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Re: ip6mode in rc

> That's exactly the example I'm referring to. Yes, I know that dhcpdv6
> is prefered over rtsol in this case (and probably in all cases) but
> that's another discussion.

Well...preferred by some people.

> For router case, I don't understand why one has to do different for
> ipv4 and ipv6.

In a practical sense, you don't, mostly.

However, (my impression is that) there are some voices in the v6
community who think pushing their religion of how a network ought to be
set up is more important than people having functional networking
working the way they want; these are the people who, for example, will
tell you that every broadcast domain needs its own /64, even though
that is not actually true (my house LAN, for example, is using a /96).

Unfortunately some of these voices are in positions of (relative)
power, so some aspects of their religion end up being imposed on
everyone, even those for whom it's a bad fit.

Some things do have to be different because v4 and v6 _are_ different,
but, for the most part, you can pretend that v6 is just v4 with funny
addresses and get by (though you will fail to get some of the nice
things v6 offers over v4, of course).  Most of the differences fall
under the "as if" rule because they're not visible outside your border.

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