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Re: ip6mode in rc

Mihai Chelaru <> writes:

> shouldn't one be allowed to use rtadvd and rtsol for different
> interfaces, for example ? If it's about tweaking inet6 sysctl tree it
> should be done with rc.d/sysctl script. Am I missing something
> elementary here or is it OK to drop support for this automagic ?

As I understand it the v6 specifications define the notion of router vs
host as a serious distinction, and ip6mode sets a number of defaults.
ip6mode=router forces v6 forwarding on.  autohost sets up the machine to
take router advertisements, and there is a complaint if one has rtsold
w/o autohost.

Is there something that you want to do that is difficult to do now?  I
have been running a number of v6 routers and hosts and not been having

The only thing I can think of is trying to set up a router where one
interface uses stateless autoconfiguration.  This is a bizarre setup
that the specs as I remember say one shouldn't do.

I think it's good that someone can just set ip6mode=autohost in rc.conf
and then have functioning v6, without having to muck with sysctls.

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