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Re: detecting loss of access point (link status monitoring fix?)

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 04:15:39PM -0400, Eric Naud wrote:
> The change still includes a periodic callback (every three seconds when
> in the IEEE80211_S_RUN state). This callback looks at the
> ic->ic_stats.is_rx_beacon data structure element to determine if the
> received beacon count has stalled.  On first detecting the beacon count
> isn't moving we call ieee80211_beacon_miss to send a probe request to
> the AP. Next time the link monitor runs, three seconds later, if the
> beacon count still hasn't moved, we assume the AP is gone and
> ieee80211_beacon_miss will be called again to initiate a channel scan.

That sounds like it will work.  The idea of a driver using the net80211
stats in that way doesn't sit well, but I cannot think of a better
solution that is also as parsimonious.


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