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Re: summer of code 2010

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 11:24:26AM -0700, Justin Funston wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm a potential summer of code student so I wanted to introduce myself
> and ask a few questions.  I'm mostly interested in the teredo project
> listed on the main project page.  How come it wasn't listed as a
> summer code idea?  I assume it might be because the scope is too
> large, if so would it be possible to limit the scope to something
> reasonable?  Maybe by only implementing one teredo "node type" to
> start with.

As Arnaud Lacombe says, he attempted the project in 2008.  He wrote some
code, but it was never finished & integrated.  My gut feeling is that
finishing & integrating a previous year's project is not a good present
year's project.

> I'm also interested in the 802.11 and ATA over Ethernet
> projects, but I'm concerned about the hardware required for those.

Arnaud found out that testing Teredo requires equipment, too, even if it
is "virtual" equipment. :-)

Did any 802.11 project especially interest you?

> I'm fairly confident I can handle the projects I
> mentioned, but my only concern is the time required to become familiar
> with the NetBSD codebase.  Do any of the networking projects require
> more or less knowledge of the current code?

Most projects will require knowledge of the code; start reading, now. :-)
You should also get comfortable building the NetBSD kernel and userland



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