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Re: maintainers/users of de(4), lmc(4) ?

>Well, if the hardware didn't work with NetBSD as we shipped it, I
>don't think it's much worth worrying about.  If someone cared enough
>to modify 'de' rather than fixing 'tlp', they can, I suppose, keep
>their modified de driver alive as a local patch...
        I can fully agree with this - seems reasonable to me.
Though I do believe that at some point the _unmodified_ de driver
did work with *someone's* MX 713 card (I definitely was using MX
chips with the de driver _before_ the tlp was written - I remember
well that initially none of the clones I had (dozens) worked with
the tlp driver at first) - but AFAICR, MX '713s & '715As work fine
with tlp now (and the MX '8xx chips probably never worked even on MS).

        Besides, I'm currently sitting on HW from 2005 that stopped
working in 2007 (with the _previous_ ACPI update during 4.99.x), and
that isn't really worth any effort either (time often costs more than
simply spending $$s and replacing HW).

        i.e. Don't think I'm arguing for keeping the de driver, just
giving one datapoint of what I believe was once common equipment. that
doesn't work with tlp (and I don't really care, anymore :-)

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