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Re: if_wm: support for INTEL 82571EB_SERDES

Hi, Matthias.

 > Hi -
 > I got a board with such a chip. There is practically
 > no PHY, no autonegoiation etc. Data are transferred
 > on a backplane.
 > The appended patch makes it work. It is obviously quite
 > destructive -- just to show where changes are needed.
 > I could turn that into its own set of
 > mediainit/change/check functions. Just don't want to
 > step onto any maintainer's toes.
 > So does anyone care?

 I will merge your code and send the diff to you before commit because
I have no serdes devices. Is it OK?

 > Another question is what if_media.h mediatype to use.
 > Technically it is 1000base-bx (sometimes called -kx).
 > There is already a -cx, the only difference is the
 > impedance (which is 100ohm). Using cx is wrong, adding
 > a new one doesn't make sense because the driver can't
 > tell the difference anyway... It's about the same as
 > with singlemode/multimode fiber, there is just too much
 > nonsense in that header.
 > best regards
 > Matthias

I read the IEEE 802.3 document and it said "1000BASE-BX10", so I should
call it as -BX10.

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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