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Re: IPV6 router works, but clients fail

> You should never find you need the mss scrubbing to reach the
> Internet period---if you do, you must be blocking too much ICMP on
> your end.

That's a nice theory, but it does not agree with (at least my)

There are _way_ too many places out there who try to do PMTU-D but are
behind firewalls that produce PMTU-D black holes.  (Misconfigured
firewalls, to be sure, but still, even if you can reach them somehow,
have you ever tried to convince some semi-competent admin that his[%]
firewall is producing a PMTU-D black hole?  The ones who don't MEGO at
the mere mention of PMTU-D are rare - and generally aren't part of the
problem to begin with.  The one case I ever was taken seriously, I knew
the remote sysadmin personally already, and even then I don't think we
ever got it fixed.)

[%] In my (admittedly limited) experience, most of them are male.  I
    don't know whether this is just because most admins are male,
    because a woman doing sysadmin _has_ to be good to be taken
    seriously :(, or what....

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