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Re: 5.99.11 wpa_supplicant & ath


On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Martin S. Weber <> 
> For the record, I'm back at 5.0 now. Everything's working fine again. I'm not
> sure whether I dare going netbsd-5 yet, as mbouyer imported driver_bsd.c 1.6
> into netbsd-5. But when going onto netbsd-5 at least could verify that this
> change isn't the culprit but something in the driver is. Guess it'll be 
> tossing
> a coin each weekend until 'tails' tell me to waste half a day without 
> internet :)
Are you running a 5.0 kernel or the 5.99.3 kernel you mentioned
previously ? Because the main difference between 5.0 and the -current
branch is the opensource HAL. It seems to me that you're AP is using
WPA-TKIP which is AFAIK broken in -current.

 - Arnaud

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