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Re: 5.99.11 wpa_supplicant & ath

Martin S. Weber wrote:
> I have tried adding the -DNEW_FREEBSD_MLME_ASSOC line to my
> usr.sbin/wpa/wpa_supplicant/Makefile, rebuilt, installed that binary and
> tried again, with no success.

It won't work.
You'll need to revert this patch

> Any idea what's wrong? Hints?

Well, I could spend more time seeing if there's any other changes in the
 FreeBSD driver I suppose.
I do have an ath card, but it's also my access point so hard to test
wpa_supplicant against it.

We've now had 4 cards reporting success (iwi, ral, rum, wpi) and now one
 failure (ath0) so it could be an issue in the ath(4) driver.



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