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need help


I am a student in computer engineering and i am working with PF NetBSD 
firewall. I have made administration tasks with PF and i have found a lot of 
documentation on this part.
Now, the next step that i would like to take is going in the source code of 
PF(code inspection and modification). What i want exactly to find out is the 
structure of the state table and how NAT is working(i want to suggest some 
modification to the internal structure of PF to strength and enhance 
performance for my diploma project). Now the problem is that the source code 
for the PF has very little comments and taking in consideration the length of 
the files that are implicated it is very hard to find out the structures and to 
see how the state table is working... it is hard to find out the flow of 
variables and functions.

I would like to get from you if there is a possibility some guidance and some 
documentation on this chapter. I hope to hear some news from you as soon as 
possible. Thank you.

With respect,

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