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Re: multiple rx/tx rings and interrupt delivery on newer nics

Jason Thorpe wrote:
> On Jun 13, 2007, at 1:12 AM, Darren Reed wrote:
>> Has anyone started to think about how NetBSD can take advantage
>> of NICs that have a larger number of rx/tx descriptor rings,
>> and/or MSI interrupts?
> I've been thinking about it.  Don't have anything concrete yet.  I think
> the first priority should be supporting MSI interrupts, tho.

To pick up on this...

It would be nice if we could "divide" a NIC that has (say) 16
RX/TX rings into 2 "virtual" NICs that each had 8 and somehow
tell Xen it can use one set of 8 for dom0 and one set of 8 for
domU.  How would that then get configured into Xen?


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