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Re: iwi(4) patch

Hi list,

Sorry for this late answer, looks like half of my mails to tech-net@ get stuck in the middle of nowhere thanks to my ISP.

David Young wrote:
On Sun, Mar 08, 2009 at 01:22:19AM +0100, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:

With a Xen debug kernel (PAE off), iwi(4) is not able to attach during autoconf ("XENMEM_decrease_reservation failed!" issue) on my laptop. This should not be fatal to the boot process, but in fact, it is; errors are (from my PoV) incorrectly handled in if_iwi.c.

I have local fixes to it [1]. However, as it is not a part of the kernel I am familiar with, I would like more experienced people to review my patch:

- some bus_dma fix, with checks against invalid dmap.

- move the (RX and TX) rings' allocation code later in iwi_attach() to avoid NULL pointer dereference if allocation fails (iwi_detach() manipulates structure variables that are not set in case of a failed allocation)

- avoid double free in case of failure during attach. If an allocation fails, do not free it directly, this is handled by iwi_detach() routine.

Judging by your patch alone, if iwi_attach() fails midway through,
it will leak resources, will it not?

Should not, but that's why I asked for a review.

My change to iwi_attach() reflects the ones in iwi_detach(), and sets variables that iwi_detach() expects to use (for example, sc->sc_st, or the value in different TX/RX rings). The first "half" of iwi_attach() are now softc/ifp manipulations and PCI handling.

Only leak I just noticed is in the case of iwi_reset() returning a failure, which ends iwi_attach() without unmapping the interrupts. Two possible solutions though: - move more softc/ifp stuff to the top, and maybe have some extra checks in iwi_detach()
- call pci_intr_disestablish() in iwi_detach() error path, then return.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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