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Re: SoC 2009 Ayame MPLS

basteon wrote:
I'm a student from Russia. I've a tiny bit kernel-development for
netbsd, but not complete yet, it would be support new fxo hardware on
zaptel driver. And I would be to assist implement mpls stack into
NetBSD on Google SoC 2009 or it's not priority project? I can testing
it with cisco hardware.


I think "implementing MPLS" sounds too generic and you have to refine your goals.

Also, starting from Ayame implementation (I'd sugest you to stay away from Ayame btw), I wrote a small implementation [1] containing an in-kernel label switch engine and an userland ldp daemon. Although it's not nearly finished (the ldp at least is not fully RFC compliant) it enabled NetBSD to act as an LSR (including Edge-LSR) both in tests and production first interacting with Cisco routers but then tested against Juniper routers, too. It's a little rotten, patches are against -current from one year ago but integrating them into today HEAD should be trivial.

At that time, there were some concerns regarding this approach, most notably the interaction and mixing between MPLS and IP stacks, so I suggest you write a new design and _DISCUSS_ it on tech-net@ prior to start coding.

Hope I didn't discourage you :)

[1] -


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