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route change addr -ifp foo behaviour

Hi List!

ifconfig re0 alias #re0 gets the connected route
ifconfig re1 alias

Now, we want to change the connected route to re1

route change -ifa
route change -ifp re1 -ifa
route change -ifp re1

What is the *expected* behaviour of the above three commands?
I ask because in my mind they are equivalent when there is only one INET
address on the interface, but the real world results are different.

ifconfig re0 -alias # connected route remains, ok
ifconfig re1 -alias

Now, if the last route style command is used, the last ifconfig command
will not remove the connected route. If the other two where used (ifa
specified) then the connected route is removed.

I've read the man page, and it's implied that -ifp should be used if
-ifa is ambiguous but doesn't say what the effect is if used without




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