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On the implementation of TCP urgent data (IETF Internet Draft)

Hello, folks,

We have published a revision of our IETF Internet-Draft entitled "On the
implementation of TCP urgent data". The document is available at: (you can
also get the document in other fancy formats, such as PDF, at

This document describes current issues relevant to the implementation
and use of TCP urgent data, aims to change the IETF specifications so
that they accommodate what virtually all implementations have been doing
wrt urgent data.

The TCPM working group of the IETF is currently deciding whether to
adopt this document as a working group item, so that your input will be
very much appreciated.

To voice your opinion, please send it to, and CC me
(, so that I make sure that your post makes it to
the mailing-list, even if you are not subscribed to it. (Alternatively,
you can send me your input, and I could forward it to the


Kind regards,
Fernando Gont
e-mail: ||
PGP Fingerprint: 7809 84F5 322E 45C7 F1C9 3945 96EE A9EF D076 FFF1

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