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Re: DHCP client with minimal functionality and size

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 21:46:38 Pierre Pronchery wrote:
> I think I can comment on that: I am using ifwatchd to monitor the
> carrier status of my ethernet port (-c). I have a list of known networks
> that I detect using arping; some of which I configure static IP, others
> that I should fire dhclient.
> There is however a major inconvenience with the current dhclient: when
> started, it ifdowns and ifups the interface. This triggers ifwatchd over
> and over again, so I have to actually stop ifwatchd before I fire
> dhclient. Obviously, that's not very useful.
> Roy, is your implementation behaving likewise?

No, dhcpcd never downs the interface as this can kills wireless links amongst 
other things. Instead it simply removes currently assigned addresses.



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