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Re: NetBSD on MacBook 4.1

Also, I forgot the dmesg log.

Here it is:

On 5 August 2012 00:44, סטֵפָן פָּבִיקֵבִיק 
<> wrote:
> Hello all! I have MacBook 4.1 (Early 2008) and I have installed NetBSD on it
> recently. I do not have Mac OS X nor any other OS on it, and I don't plan to
> install any other, I will stick only to NetBSD.
> But I need your help. Well, first I am thankful that NetBSD isn't giving me
> kernel panics with ACPI, because I have tried FreeBSD and DragonflyBSD, and
> they both give me kernel panics even though there are some *more* drivers
> for my MB.
> So, I am asking you if MacBook users can expect better hardware support with
> NetBSD 6? Here's what's unsupported (at least things which I know of):
> - Apple SMC (driver available in FreeBSD)
> - Broadcom BCM43xx (driver available in OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD; I don't know
> if it works; broadcom_sta hybrid driver for Linux released by Broadcom)
> - Apple Touchpad (driver available in FreeBSD; doesn't work like it should,
> but it's okay)
> - iSight
> - Fan control (if apple smc gets ported, I believe a fan control daemon
> would be an easy thing to do)
> - HDA Intel Sound (not working as of this moment, but I think I have found
> some solution on the net)
> - Apple-specific keyboard keys mapping
> - intel video seems to be supported, but there are some *glitches*
> This looks like a long list, but I would put audio and wireless on top of
> the list because those are the things that I need the most. :)
> If there is any way to support these things, if you can port drivers or
> write new ones, please, if you can, please do it, it will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Other than that, it's a stable and a good system, and I believe I will
> contribute back to the project.
> I want to say a HUGE thanks to the developers, contributors, and other
> people responsible for this project.
> May the LORD Jesus Christ bless you all for this wonderful work, and may He
> empower you to bring much much more to this project.
> Thanks again. :)

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