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NetBSD on MacBook 4.1

Hello all! I have MacBook 4.1 (Early 2008) and I have installed NetBSD
5.1.2 (updated kernel and userland to NetBSD-current) on it recently.
I do not have Mac OS X nor any other OS on it, and I don't plan to
install any other, I will stick only to NetBSD.

But I need your help. Well, first I am thankful that NetBSD isn't
giving me kernel panics with ACPI, because I have tried FreeBSD and
DragonflyBSD, and they both give me kernel panics even though there
are some *more* drivers for my MB.

So, I am asking you if MacBook users can expect better hardware
support with NetBSD 6? Here's what's unsupported (at least things
which I know of):
- Apple SMC (driver available in FreeBSD)
- Broadcom BCM43xx (driver available in OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD; I don't
know if it works; broadcom_sta hybrid driver for Linux released by
- Apple Touchpad (driver available in FreeBSD; doesn't work like it
should, but it's okay)
- iSight
- Fan control (if apple smc gets ported, I believe a fan control
daemon would be an easy thing to do)
- HDA Intel Sound (not working as of this moment, but I think I have
found some solution on the net)
- Apple-specific keyboard keys mapping
- intel video seems to be supported, but there are some *glitches*

This looks like a long list, but I would put audio and wireless on top
of the list because those are the things that I need the most. :)

If there is any way to support these things, if you can port drivers
or write new ones, please, if you can, please do it, it will be
greatly appreciated.

Other than that, it's a stable and a good system, and I believe I will
contribute back to the project.

I want to say a HUGE thanks to the developers, contributors, and other
people responsible for this project.

May the LORD Jesus Christ bless you all for this wonderful work, and
may He empower you to bring much much more to this project.

Thanks again. :)

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