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Re: [GSoC] Emulating missing Linux syscalls project questions

Hi Theodore --

The Linux Test Project ( would help not only with finding missing syscalls, but also with finding bugs / missing functionality in the existing Linux emul code. It would be nice to have this running on NetBSD.

Take care,

On Mon, 13 Mar 2023, Theodore Preduta wrote:

As the subject suggests, I think the emulating missing Linux syscalls project might be fun. I am just wondering

(1) Is there any documentation on the internals of this subsystem? (manpage and wiki seem to just be how to use it)

(2) Is there a better binary-finding strategy than trying Linux binaries on NetBSD, and if they fail (have a script) compare the output of strace from a Linux run of the program with the table in sys/compat/linux/arch/*/linux_syscalls.c?

(3) Do y'all have any suggestions for binaries? :P

(4) Most of the (failing) binaries I've found so far seem to have the epoll set of system calls in common, is there's some technical reason why that's not been implemented yet? (or it it just a matter of no one has done it yet)

Thanks in advance,


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