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Project Application of applying for the GSOC Project

My name is Arnav Bhatt. I am interested to work on emulating missing linux syscalls for compat_linux through GSOC program. The goal of the project is to implement missing Linux syscalls which are required by some programs to run through Linux emulation on NetBSD by identifying them through testing programs.

The project will work on compat_linux module, where the codes responsible for implementing and "translating" the Linux syscalls for NetBSD will be the ones of the interest. Though I did check around the source code for the functioning of it, I am not familiar enough to work on it yet. Also, the project also relies on understanding the functioning of Linux syscalls which I have some experience with as I worked with them for my previous projects.

Since this would be my first time working on NetBSD project as well as the first time I will be doing kernel development on such a scale, I have familiarized myself with it through installing it on a VM and trying it out. I also have familiarized myself with configuring and rebuilding the kernel as this project is related to kernel development.

Regarding my prior projects that I have worked on as well as my contact information for keeping in touch with me, you can find a CV attached with this email.

I will be looking forward for your reply and hopefully see the advancement for making the proposal.

Yours Sincerely,
Arnav Bhatt

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