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Re: Kernel module framework status?

On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 8:54 PM, Mouse <> wrote:
>      There is also the idea of having a module specify the device(s)
> it handles by vendor:product

Isn't that rather restrictive in what buses it permits supporting?

Indeed, PCI (and close relatives, like PCIe) and USB are the only
things I can name offhand that even _have_ vendor:product.  (Of course,
I'm sure there are lots of buses out there I've never heard of, or
don't know enough about.)

FreeBSD's modules have metadata. Some of this metadata can describe "plug and play" tables the drivers use to match devices. FreeBSD's newbus has a method to get the textual representation of this "plug and play" data. Combined, I wrote devmatch to sort through the unattached devices matching their plug and play data to modules to get a list of modules to load. I'll be presenting a talk on this at BSDcan next month...


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