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hdaudio driver

I'm trying to clean up the hdaudio and hdaudio_pci drivers so they can actually be loaded as modules. (The problem currently is a circular module dependency, as described in PR/49836).

I have resolved the issue regarding the definition of hdaudio_cd symbol, but there's still some unresolved symbols!

The configuration "tree" looks something like this:

	pci at mainbus
	hdaudio_pci at pci (provides hdaudiobus attribute)
	hdaudio at hdaudio_pci (vie hdaudiobus)
	hdafg at hdaudio
	audio at hdafg

For some reason, the interface-attribute driver hdaudio_pci.c calls the various 'struct cfattach' functions for the hdaudio driver. For example, hdaudio_pci_rescan() calls hdaudio_rescan(), hdaudio_pci_childdet() calls hdaudio_childdet(), etc. In effect, the parent device is calling the child device, which requires the child device's module to be loaded first.

It seems to me that this is somewhat backwards; it makes more sense to me that the child device should be calling the parent's routines.

Am I misuderstanding something?

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