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HEADS-UP: jdolecek-ncq branch merge imminent


I plan to merge the branch to HEAD very soon, likely over the weekend. Eventual further fixes will be done on HEAD already, including mvsata(4) restabilization, and potential switch of siisata(4) to support NCQ.

The plan is to get this pulled up to netbsd-8 branch soon also, so that it will be part of 8.0.

- ahci(4) fully working with NCQ (confirmed with qemu, and real hw)
- piixide(4) continues working (no NCQ support of course) (confirmed in qemu)
- siisata(4) continues working (without NCQ still) (confirmed with real hw)
- mvsata(4) not yet confirmed working after changes, mainly due the DMA not really working on Marvell 88SX6042 which I have available - I have same issue as kern/52126
- other ide/sata drivers received mechanical changes, should continue working as before


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