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Re: Ride the bump?

On Sun, 4 Jun 2017, Thomas Mueller wrote:

I've got some non-critical changes to the hdaudio modules, specifically
to the dependency list, which will require a kernel version bump.

Is anyone else planning a bump soon?  If possible, I'd like to just ride
the bump, rather than wasting one.

| Paul Goyette

I am close to doing a source-based update build of NetBSD-current, both
amd64 and i386, motivated by the change in sys/dev/usb/if_athn_usb.c
which could possibly ameliorate my computer's allergy to this driver:
prevents booting unless I comment out athn lines in kernel config or
(userconf) disable athn.

So I say, don't lose time.  I use hdaudio on Intel-based motherboard.

It looks like I'm not quite as "ready" as I thought. Please don't wait for me. If you're ready and you need a bump, do it! I think it will still require a few more days for my changes.

My changes (hopefully) won't have any effect on kernels with hdaudio "built-in", only when stuff is loaded as modules.

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