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Audio - In kernel audio mixing


I've made changes to in kernel audio mixing and made them available at

This patch includes only changes to audio the synthesized spkr device will be 
in a follow up email.

New in this version a new audio ioctl to select your audio channel based on 
process id of it's controlling process, changes to audioctl(1) to demonstrate 

/dev/sound keeps setting of the last process that changed parameters and it is 
possible to use audioctl(1) on /dev/sound to set parameters before opening 

Simultaneous recording channels with independent volume / recording paraeter 

Also a sysctl to set the common format use full for when hw available 
precision and or channels are greater than 2ch 16 bit 44100 Hz.

Please take a look, if there are no objections I would like to commit this in 
two weeks.

Best regards,


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