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Re: ptrace(2) thoughts and design

On 21.11.2016 05:23, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> My plan for the coming days:
> A. Add introductory man-pages for pthread_dbg, currently just for the
> used functions in the existing ATF tests, as other interfaces might be
> altered later... or just dropped as unneeded. This library keeps having
> dept from Scheduler Activation times, and that shall be just revamped.

I consider this finished (as in good enough for now). I switch to CPU
(amd64) debug registers tomorrow.

I plan to keep verifying and improving pthread_dbg(3) later during work
on LLDB.

> B. Implement debug registers, base this code on FreeBSD. Add ATF tests,
> commit to master repository.
> C. Implement locally PT_SUSPEND and keep it on a local branch.
> D. Implement locally PTRACE_VFORK (right now just for calling vfork(2)
> and for creating a child) and keep it on a local branch.
> ... switch to LLDB

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