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Re: Audio - In kernel audio mixing


On Mon, 16 May 2016 03:01:27 bch wrote:
> Is that an automatic, out-of-the-box 10-20ms for any and all streams? 2ms
> on a single channel in a duplex stream is obviously noticeable (as
> reference for what delay a human can perceive), so 20ms could be considered
> relatively large. I don't know what a person would accept as far as
> audio/video discrepancy, but have you tried watching a video clip? What was
> your feeling of the quality?

Those figures were a gross over estimate,  There is no noticeable delay when 
watching a movie/s with multimedia/mpv.  Games emulators run without perceived 
delay.  All but one of them quicknes libretro and it most likely has to do 
with liboss particularly seek bytes calculation in vaudio_getinfo. If there is 
added latency it will occur for all streams.  I took the worst case estimate 
of taking a hardware blocksize extra_time. Which is anywhere from 5 to 20ms 
depending on the soundcard.

Best regards,


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