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Re: Unallocated inode

> Nope, it's inaccessible - again, it was the daily security reports
> that alerted me:
> slave:ksh$ find /home/tmp > /dev/null
> find: /home/tmp/badfile: Bad file descriptor
I remember having run into the same thing.
I simultaneously had another FS problem (the kernel repeatedly panic()ing 
on a directory missing . and ..), so I may mix up the two.
I attributed both to a silently corrupted FFS (after mpt(4) problems which 
made me add the timeout recovery logic to it).
Fortunately, for me, the problems disappeared after deleting the entry in 
question (maybe the parent directory also, my memory is fuzzy).
I'm afraid the only clean way out is dump, newfs, restore (I'm very happy 
I didn't had to do that).

Is there an mpt(4) controller involved? If yes, did you get any timeouts on it?

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