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A long time ago (in 
you wrote:

 > I do disable fsck_lfs.  It usually causes more problems than it
 > solves.  It needs a complete overhaul.  It tries to act like
 > fsck_ffs instead of validating segment checksums and regenerating
 > the ifile.

A quick look at fsck_lfs with this in mind suggests that it's full of
bull, yes. For some reason it tries to check the fs *before* rolling
forward; it seems unlikely that this would ever work properly.

However, as far as I can readily tell the obvious problems are limited
to doing a full fsck, and all that the reboot time fsck -p does is
roll forward. Given that the kernel roll forward code is disabled by
default (does anyone know why? Margo Seltzer says it shouldn't be),
disabling boot-time fsck seems like a bad idea.

Unless the roll-forward code is broken, in which case it should be
fixed. I don't see any PRs on it though.

Anyhow, in the absence of any specific information, unless testing
turns up some issues, I'm inclined to revert the commit I just made
and re-enable fsck_lfs -p.

David A. Holland

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