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lua: pending patches

Hi folks,

Here are some pending patches which I want to commit: Please, could someone review

Thank you in advance!

    lua: updated from 5.1 to 5.3 work3

    * lua(1):
      - changed lua_Integer to intmax_t
      - updated distrib/sets/lists and etc/mtree
      - updated
      - fixed bozohttpd (lua-bozo.c)
      - compatibilized bindings: gpio, sqlite
    * lua(4):
      - removed floating-point and libc dependencies using '#ifndef _KERNEL'
      - fixed division by zero and exponentiation
      - libkern: added isalnum(), iscntrl(), isgraph(), isprint() and ispunct()
      - acpica: removed isprint() from acnetbsd.h
      - libc: moved strcspn.c, strpbrk.c and strspn.c to common
      - removed stub headers
      - compatibilized bindings: luapmf, luasystm
    * reorganized luaconf.h
    * updated doc/CHANGES and doc/RESPONSIBLE

    lua(4): added debug library

    lua(4): uniformed the KPI name space using 'klua_' prefix

    lua(4): using lua_CFunction

    lua(4): added support for running Lua scripts in intr context

    * using kmem_intr on lua_alloc
    * using mutex directly on klua_lock
    * added ipl arg on klua_newstate()
    * added kluaL_newstate function
    * fixed synchronization: locking the Lua state on luaioctl

    lua(4): preventing division by zero

    * note: we should raise an error instead of return INTMAX_MAX

    lua(4): cleaned stubs

Lourival Vieira Neto

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