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Re: Fixing the ELF priorities

Le 12/07/2014 00:42, Paul Goyette a écrit :
> I run without _any_ EXEC_* or COMPAT_* module compiled into my kernel. ALL of 
> my EXEC_* and COMPAT_* modules are auto-loaded as needed from the file system.
> Please don't break this!  :)

Well, netbsd32 already breaks the module loader, because of a missing
dependency. It can crash the system, and not a friendly way (fixed in
-r1.4). So...

> My currently auto-loaded modules as reported by modstat(8) include
>     exec_script
>     exec_elf32
>     exec_elf64
>     compat
>     compat_linux

Feel free to test my patch

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