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re: API/ABI rank of headers in /usr/include/isofs/cd9660

i'm pretty sure your plan will work fine.  the things you'll
need to deal with on top of what i've seen so far are related
to the sets creation.  in src/distrib/sets/lists/comp you'll
find all these files you're looking at not installing now.
they'll need to be marked "obsolete" in here.

you could just reference either a tech-kern or a current-users
post if you want some permanent link, but i don't think it
really matters too much.  searches will likely find the commit
log itself, which should also explain everything :-)

thanks for looking at this.  we've gotten better since early
days with these sorts of issues, but there are still a lot of
headers that are installed for no good reason but no one has
had the chance/motivation to clean them up yet.


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